Long, busy day today.  I only had two classes, but registered for next year as well.  Thats right, i plan on passing my first year of college and ascending to that oh-so-high next level of sophomore.   Wow, an end to the stigmata associated with being a freshman boy.  There IS light at the end of the tunnel.  And… AND the opportunity to have a car on campus!! Anyways, then i was psychologically tested.  Then i ate, then i lost at softball.  I’m looking forward to the wednesday game when i play with Asig.  Thats high quality frat-boy competition.  Anyways, physics time, then maybe, just maybe, early bed!!


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  1. That is SO cool that you love vampires too. I always tell people I have a vampire fetish and they think it’s weird. The whole neck biting thing is HOT, and I totally agree about that forever dead thing. I don’t want that. I just want to be a vampire til I die of natural causes or something. Did you see Underworld. I bet you would like that movie. There’s a hot chick vampire. Usually there are only hot male vampires, but we both win in that movie.
    Oh Matt, my opinion of you continues to sky rocket… haha, even though you’re kind of a “Fick’ Schwien” kidding…

  2. Vampires can fly when they are bats.. and in Underworld when that kick jumps off the castleish thing, that’s like flying. Vampires can fly, can drink blood, have fangs, are sexy, and are just super mysterious… oh man… we should start a club!

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