This was stolen from the lovely and exotic Katie P… i love it!  Props out to Thirsty Thursdays and Gala Weekend at PU!

Choose a band/or artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:: ACDC
Are you female or male?:: Big Balls

Describe yourself:: TNT

How do some people feel about you:: Dirty Eyes

How do you feel about yourself :: Highway to Hell

Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:: Girl’s Got Rythmn

Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:: Got You By the Balls

Describe where you want to be:: Back in Black

Describe what you want to be:: Thunderstruck

Describe how you live:: If You Want Blood

Describe how you love:: You Shook Me All Night Long

Share a few words of wisdom:: Who Made Who


One thought on “

  1. I’m exotic??? Oh Matt, you are too good to me. If I were to choose a band instead of an artist, AC/DC would be my first choice. We think alike!!! I highly enjoy Back in Black, that’s pretty badass…
    exotic… tee hee hee

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