Grand Prix weekend.  Yeah.  Thats all i need to say.  Largest collegiate motor racing experience.  And it is an experience.  Needless to say i’ll be partying hard this weekend.  I already have started, in fact, i’m kinda hung over now.  Everyone seems to be all hyped up on college pride right now.  I’m going to say YAY Purdue, because my fucking school rocks.  Last weekend at the Hoobastank concert, i was filled with an intense sense of pride at my fellow classmates.  We really do know how to rock out properly.  It was crazy, it was brutal, and it was fun.  Everyone rocked real hard, and, more than that, everyone respected everyone else’s rocking out right.  If someone fell, they were picked back up.  No one was trampled.  In the midst of crazy mosh pits, everyone beat the hell out of each other in a friendly manner.  That all sounds backwards, but if you were there, you know.  We know how to throw a concert!  So again I say, YAY Purdue.  Boiler UP everyone, GP weekend is here…


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