So i’m one final away from home.  I go to turn in my books today… hopefully to get some cash back… OF COURSE NOT.  Colleges books are a sham.  You buy five books for $300 and then go to sell them back and get $13.  Thats right THIRTEEN DOLLARS.  Not to mention you still have 3 of the original 5 books, plus two from last semester.  Words such as “overstocked” or “outdated” play on the lips of the sham artists… sorry cashiers that so blatantly refuse service.  How about I set fire to your store.. then you won’t be overstocked!  So once you resign yourself to $13 and fail to get the nice police men outside the store to buy your “overstocked” books, you’re like: “at least i got something!”  Well turns out you still have to pay whats known as a “floor charge”.  Because other dumbasses broke something, you owe five and change to some obscure, nondescript fund.  So much for taking the girl out to dinner.  You’d better settle, once again, for the college student’s best friend: The McDonald’s Dollar Menu.  Hope to god shes not a vegetarian…


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