Back at Purdue and its time to get geared up for another semester.  Hopefully this one will bring the new beginnings and lack the endings that have hallmarked my previous semesters.  If you’re baggin hard on the West Side give me a holla and lets hang out.

Yay for Purdue hanging tough with the Illini.  Maybe we’ll be able to pull out some good upsets.  Boo for VU losing to ORU.  It was a good game though and i’m glad i went.

Peace bitches!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    look bitch. don’t call my cell during a bball game. have you learned nothing? you’re lucky you’re a very handsome man and my very favorite Matt Hofferth, or I’d actually be irritated. sorry I missed you at the game. I did see Katie Pritchett, though! man, classes have already started for me and I’m sick of them!!! Yay for MLK day: 3 day weekend!!!drink and be merry,peace love hope Joy

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