You may be a senior in college if….

You save bathroom breaks for work, not only because you’re getting paid to do your business, but mainly because of the free toilet paper.

You own three umbrellas, all of which are broken, and none of which you use.  By now, you know that when it rains, an umbrella is not going to help you when walking to class… Just grin and bear it.  It’s not like your books need to be kept dry, you’ve never opened them anyways.

You congratulate yourself each week if you go to more than half of you classes.

Drinking on a Monday is understandable, Tuesday is likely, Wednesday is a celebration of being halfway done, Thursday is a must (you’re thirsty)… the rest of the weekend is already drunk.

You no longer clean anything because… hey… you’re outta here in two months and you weren’t going to get your deposit back anyways. 

You think your family is doing all right, but you’ll talk to them again after you graduate.

Showering is optional.

If it doesn’t smell like a bar, its clean.

You are equally likely to discuss 401k’s and last night’s keg stand in the same sentence.

And my personal favorite… You just don’t give a shit anymore!


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