We Only Like Fireworks Because They Explode

The last week, including holiday festivities, was very roller-coastery. Which is fitting because we started the week at Six Flags. I guess first there was a storm that knocked trees down (with a vengeance!), almost preventing Six Flags from happening, but we made it out.

In any case, I have a love/hate relationship with coasters. I get motion sick. I really enjoy riding the rides. These two things do not mix. In general, how sick I get depends on the coaster and a variety of other variables that I may or may not understand. Like sleep. Or the position of the moon relative to Venus. So while our trip was fun, my motion sickness was flaring up and quite annoying. I’m stocking up on Dramamine for Cedar Point later this summer. If I pass out on the rides, that’s better than feeling crappy.

We got to see my brother, too, which was fun, but apparently I’m getting too old to sleep on the floor. I swear I used to be able to sleep just about anywhere and be fine. Now, if I’m not in MY bed, something hurts for the next few days and I’m tired. What is up with that?

We headed up to the lake, but everyone had to work and the boat had a depleted battery. So it was all right, but I wanted to get out on the lake more. It was good to see family and drink, even if I was still sore/tired/crabby from earlier in the week.

By the time Saturday rolled around and we headed down the road to Columbia City, I was feeling pretty beat. We got to see a good firework show on Tippecanoe Lake, followed by some sound sleep. 

Sunday found us in the ER when Kate was attacked by a dog (not one of ours) and bitten pretty bad on the hand. So, you know, that was a fun cap to an exhausting week. 

I don’t want to whine, though. It was good to see everyone. There were some huge upsides, like getting to drink with my cousins. And once the boat got fixed we got to go out some. It was just a very up and down sort of week. And now I have to get back into work… ugh. Do you ever just want a re-do of a week?


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