In Mountain Time, It May Still Be Feb

I didn’t completely miss the month, but it was a busy one. Got my first experience with skiing on mountains last week. It was fantastic. I mean just check out that view:

Breck_2016 (21)

That little spec in the yellow pants far below is Kate. She survived. I daresay that after this experience, she’ll be shredding the Midwestern hills with ease.

We flew in on a Weds night and had dinner in Denver before driving up to Breckenridge. Now, Dear Journal, I know heights mean nothing to you, being a collection of electrons and all, but consider this: Indiana, where my non-digital body normally resides, is somewhere around 800′ above sea level. Denver is up over 5000′. Breck is 9600′. We were staying a couple hundred feet up on the other side of the valley in that picture so, for easy math, let’s say we stayed at 9800′. That means I slept about 9000′ further in the air on Weds than Tues. And I have to tell you altitude sickness is real.

Now before you feel too sorry for me, it wasn’t that bad. At first, you just feel kind of tired. Like we walked up the stairs and I thought: Am I that out of shape? Nope, just less oxygen getting to my various parts. At night, however, I did have a bit of insomnia with a stomach ache. Luckily, it all cleared up by noon the next day as I acclimated. Pounding water was key. So was taking it a bit easy. If I were doing it all again, I’d have flown into Denver the night before in order to acclimate at 5000′ before going up another 4k. That probably would have been smarter. But hey, you live, you learn.

The skiing was spectacular. They’re actually having a down season for snow, but even so the conditions were better than what I’m used to. We eased into it, so while it was tiring with the runs being a ton longer, it wasn’t crazy hard. We ended up doing two half days, which worked out. This may sound stupid, but until you go you don’t realize how big mountains are. I can ski pretty much anything around here in a day and exhaust it. I could see hanging around Breck for a week in order to do everything, and even then not getting bored. Ideally, I think I’d like to do a three day trip next time. Ski the first and third days and have a break day in between. They even structure their tickets along those line, where you can get a 2-day ticket that is valid for 3 days, however you end up using it.

I do wish that Breck had night skiing. Everything closes up at 4pm and, though you could travel to nearby Keystone for another couple hours of skiing, it always came too soon for me. Part of that was that we weren’t starting early, I suppose, but the half day tickets shaved $30 off the cost. A 6 hour ticket would have probably been the warm porridge but, hey, that’s just being nit-picky.

All in all it was a great time, Dear Journal, and hopefully Kate didn’t hate it so much that I can’t convince her to do it again next year. Or, you know, next week if it weren’t for the whole flying thing. If I lived out there I’d totally have a season pass. Though I hear the traffic is pretty horrid.

Well, I guess since I got my skiing in, I’m officially ready for spring now. Cold weather is only really fun with skis on…


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