And It’s June

Well, Dear Journal, I wouldn’t say May Flowers exactly, but we’re on the right path. Things are still busy (which is why I’m a few days late). The house has grown, I’ll see if I can find a picture…

File May 24, 3 55 39 PM

Yep, we went with the Big Green Monster floor plan. It actually has a roof now (this pic is a few weeks old). And a front porch. And dormer. And some exterior trim. And rough mechanicals on the inside. No windows yet though. Soon, very soon.

Also, Dear Journal, before you give me the typical “it’s huge” comment, I want to point out that this image (and the way it appears coming up the street) is a solid optical illusion. This is, quite literally, the largest horizontal profile of the house possible. It’s still big, just not quite THAT big. Or maybe it is. I don’t know, your call.

In other news, we’re continuing to work with the dogs. Chloe is still being a bitch. (Which is not profane. It’s what she is. But also, yes.) We’re working hard on obedience with her. I’m not sure our dogs will ever be best friends again, which is really, really sad. That being said, we have a pretty good system worked out where everyone has their own space and no one gets bitten. Mostly.

Perhaps the only other thing of note that happened in May (apart from the usual work drudgery and feeling stressed about a challenging project) was that I braved the Indy 500 Snake Pit. In case you are unaware, Dear Journal, the Snake Pit is an EDM Festival that happens to be held while there’s a race going on. They’re really only very loosely related. Josh friend-shamed me into going (it was his birthday), but I’m glad he did. We had a good time. Let me see if I can find a pic from far too early in the day…


I will say, Snake Pit plays the long game. I thought I had won, surviving the day with minimal embarrassing moments, but then I “slept” for 12 hours and woke up with an awful sunburn and hangover. Well played, Mr. Pit, well played. Also, I am one pair of shoes poorer.

So that was May, Dear Journal. Summer has officially arrived. June has started well, and I’m hoping for an uneventful July. Hopefully the house will be done in the Aug/Sep time frame and my next post will describe the joys of listing a house for sale. We’ll see.



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